Coolworks® Ventilated Work Pants

Coolworks® convertible ventilated work pants were created by workers, for workers. Developed by listening carefully to the specific requirements of employers and by thoroughly sampling and testing the trousers in a variety of demanding industrial environments, Meshwear Technologies Inc. Patented designs are setting the standard in industrial quality ventilated work wear.


Engineered for Work

  • Rugged lightweight industrial fabric – featuring heavy duty stitching and construction
  • Double-welded back pockets, bar-tacked deep front pockets
  • Solid fabric wicks moisture
  • Tear resist mesh inserts – create flow through ventilation
  • Reflective trim strip – meets CSA safety standards

Designed for Comfort

  • Relaxed fit for maximum air-flow
  • Generous cargo pockets
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Zip off leg covers
  • Elastic waistband insert
  • Wide range of sizes

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This design technology is the leading edge of a major movement, and is poised to take the market by storm. After generations of the same clothing solutions leaving employers and enthusiasts wanting for more, it’s time for change . . . It’s time to innovate . . . It’s time to lead.

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